the KPI Book by Jeff Smith. The ultimate guide to understanding the key performance indicators of your business
The KPI Book
by Jeff Smith

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The KPI Book
Second Edition
by Jeff Smith

"The ultimate guide to understanding the
Key Performance Indicators of your business"

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The Second Edition is coming soon

The KPI Book Second Edition by Jeff Smith

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The news is out, Jeff Smith has conducted a complete re-write of The KPI Book to meet the needs of 2020 strategies and beyond.

The most respected book in the Automotive Industry has been re-written, upgraded and new KPI have been added to evolve into a new book which become known as the Second Edition.

It's followed the success of the First Edition by keeping the same trusted layout on each page so you can get the information you want really quickly. Its also maintained all the original KPI, but its much more than simply a Second Edition, it's completely re-written with much more clarity and there's also brand new KPI.

But why is the second edition necessary?

Here's what Jeff Smith has to say...

"After the financial crisis in 2008, the financial world as we knew it changed forever. The automotive industry world-wide was hit particularly hard during this time with vehicle production shut down for weeks on end. Businesses found it increasingly difficult to borrow money, banks were less tolerant and many automotive businesses went bust.

We were in the midst of a full scale paradigm shift and those businesses who made it through knew that the rules of engagement had to change if they were to survive in the future.

Huge pressure was brought to bear on managers to be more responsible for the funds with which they were entrusted; stock levels must be reduced, credit control must be tightened and yet sales and profitability still has to increase.

The problem was that we didn't possess any tools to measure these new demands on management and the current tools are simply outdated. It felt to me like there was a huge void and we needed something to illustrate the fusion between profitability and the management of the funds in use.

After recognising these new demands on managers, I developed a new metric called "Operational Investment" and with it a suite of new key performance indicators for the Sales Department and the Parts Department which are much smarter than those that were previously in use.

Another really big move forwards is to clear up all the confusion surrounding "workshop efficiencies", I've included new business models complete with graphics to demonstrate clearly how the Service Department and Bodyshop KPI operate. The efficiencies are cross-referenced which means for the first time there's absolute clarity on all manufacturers terminology and who uses which terms!

In General Management I've included updates on Absorption, Breakeven Volumes and Resorption to name but a few. The Second Edition is a real major move forwards, I hope you enjoyed using it just as much as I've enjoyed writing it."


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